Turkish Cypriot Union protest President Tatar's regular travel abroad

Members of the Cyprus Turkish Public Officials Union (KTAMS), on Thursday night gathered at Ercan airport to protest against president, Ersin Tatar's traveling abroad.

According to the report by Yeniduzen, the group waited for the president as he returned to the country on Thursday night from Gaziantep; one of several visit he has made recently to Turkey accusing him of abandoning the country while it was “on fire”. 

Leader of KTAMS G├╝ven Bengihan said, 

“Your visits abroad have now become a laughing stock“. “The situation of the minimum wage is obvious. Pots do not boil at home in the kitchens. Mr. President, there was neither the prime minister nor an official when you were not here. While you were not here, there was neither bottled gas nor gasoline in our country. While you were eating kebabs in Antep, people in this country were thinking about how to survive until the end of the month. Your visits abroad have now become a laughing stock”. 

President Tatar who held a press conference at the airport, said that he would continue to accept invitations to visit Turkey.

Tatar emphasized that the work he carried out during his visits to Turkey was for the benefit of the country and the economy of the country, and condemned the criticism that he “had gone on a tour“. 

He said that these criticisms would not deflect him from his purpose. Tatar said that his visits encouraged the flow of students and tourists and investment in North Cyprus.

Tatar reminded his critics that the President of the Chamber of Commerce had accompanied him on this visit adding that, “I would be happy to see the representatives of the economic organization in my delegation on my future visits“.

Yeniduzen, LGC News

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