Turkish restaurant owe Nigerian student salary of 60,000 Turkish Lira and refuse to pay

This is the narrative of a Nigerian, who worked with a Turkish restaurant that sells African food in a university in Lefkosa, that refused to pay him his salary of 60,000 Turkish Lira.
As a black man, you're only their friend, bro or family when they see you've got something to offer. There is no genuinety in their so call love to blacks. I've had experience for working with an African restaurant for over 7 years, unknowingly building their empire, thinking the love that always comes out from the mind is real... 
I've been severely hospitalized for always thinking on how to make the place more unique and different from any other African restaurant.. But guess what I've got at the end of the day, after working tirelessly for a year plus... "We cant pay, your salary (60k tl plus). And there's nothing you can do about it, because this is not your country and you have no right here". 
For what reason, if you ask me till date I dont know... The funniest part of it all, is telling me, that I stole fork and spoons of 10tl 😂😂😂. I ask them for prove till date, no prove. After 7 years all I can steal is spoons and fork lol come on. 
So to cut the story short this is not our place they've made it clear already and is time we blacks come together and understand this.... let's our actions speaks louder than our voices please.
Let's every money that circulate, go within us. Let's all do the business within us and boycott their so called African restaurant...

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