Update on attack on some Congolese student in Girne, drunk Congolese students attacked them first

This is an update and correction of perception on the attack carried out by a group of Turkish Cypriot guys on some students from Congo on Wednesday night in Girne.

We contacted one of the victims of the attack who explained what happened.

According to him, he was at Mozzarella with his brother trying to connect to the internet to call one of his friends, and then there were some guys from Congo who were drunk.

The drunks guys were the ones who actually attacked the Turkish guys, messed up some items in the market and ran away. This made the owner of the market to follow them and beat them up for messing up the market

The victim who was innocent was among those attacked and assaulted by the Turkish Cypriots and accused of stealing a phone, even though they didn't do it. A case of mistaken identity.  He said they ran away as the attack was going on.
He didnt know where the drunk guys went to after that.
He said; They do possibly something wrong to that Turkish guys you see in the video. If you hear clearly in the video, they were saying sorry to those Turkish guys, while one of them was denying saying "its not me bro" twice. This is not a racist act as insinuated by some post.

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