Newlyweds pick last name by flipping coin at altar

While it’s traditional for women to take their husbands surname when they get married, times are changing.

Some decide to go down the double-barrelled route, while others prefer to stick with the moniker they were born with.

And in the name of equality, one couple decided to leave their surname decision completely up to fate.

After saying their vows, the newlyweds decided whether to take the bride or grooms’ last name by flipping a coin.

Their precious moment was snapped by one of their wedding guests, who has put up the video on TikTok, calling it her “favourite new wedding tradition”.

When both Collin and Pearl faced the guests, the officiator throws the coin in the air and catches it on the back of his hand.

He then announces: “I present to you Mr and Mrs Hansen!”

The crowd cheered and the couple thanked them for their blessing with big smiles on their faces.

Viewers commented to share some of the wildest wedding traditions they’d seen.

One said: “I know a couple whose families had a paintball match to decide! Winning side determined the last name.”

A second wrote: “I took my husband’s because mine was boring. That was 100% of the thought put into the decision.”

“This is about to start a new norm,” a third added while a fourth shared: “I’m just picking whoever is first alphabetically.”

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