Turkey reportedly threatens to demand the recognition of TRNC before it can approve Finland and Sweden NATO membership

Reports coming from south Cyprus on Tuesday had it that Turkey is threatening to table the recognition of the TRNC as part of the negotiations to allow Finland and Sweden join NATO.

The two Scandinavian countries had reversed their decades-long opt-out from the NATO alliance in the wake of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and threats made by Russia to both countries.

According to report by In-Cyprus on Tuesday, Turkey which strongly opposes the enlargement of the international defense pact considers using the diplomatic crisis as a means to press for the recognition of the ‘TRNC’, according to a press report in Britain’s Daily Express.

A source close to TRNC president, Ersin Tatar confirmed to the paper that Turkish President Recep Erdogan will ask that the north of Cyprus is recognized as a separate country.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when the then Greek junta tried to unite the island with Greece which caused Turkey to intervene due to the killing of the Turkish Cypriots in a war that ensued. Until now, the south side of the island is recongnized by the international community and also a member of the EU, while the north is only recognized by Turkey.   

UN-sponsored peace talks have taken place on and off for several years but always end in deadlock as both sides refused to agree even though the North voted for and the south against in a referendum that was carried out in 2004 by then United Nations, Secretary General, Kofi Anna.

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