Woman says she won’t have kids because they scream and cry

When family and friends ask Lorella Palmer why she doesn’t want children, she has a huge list of reasons to offer.

Lorella, 22, from south-east London knows that some believe her decision is selfish but claims she is happy with her life and doesn’t need children to feel fulfilled.

“Kids are just annoying, they annoy me, in every sense of the word. They have no common sense, they can’t drink, they have to go to bed early, they scream, they cry, they annoy me”, she tells The Mirror.

“Every time I see a child, they’ve just got crust round their nose and round their mouth, there’s drool, they’ve got food everywhere and they’ve got sticky fingers.

“They’re just living their best life, they’re being kids, but I just want to be wearing a cream dress and not worry! I don’t like that mess, stay away from me.

“I hate kids’ TV too. Your kid is one, they don’t need to watch cartoons – pop on Vampire Diaries please, or Gossip Girl, or Friends.

“We don’t need to watch kids’ TV, it’s boring. I just want to sit downstairs and chat with people without Cartoon Network on in the background the entire time.”

Other concerns that have promoted her decision are her figure and cash. She says: “Why would I want to push something out of my hoo-ha and expand my stomach and my cherries and everything else on me that’s just going to change?

She added: “Kids are expensive. I know what it’s like to grow up quite poor and I’d rather go on holiday than pay for a kid.”

Luckily, Lorella’s boyfriend of four-and-a-half years, Callum Page, 23, shares her opinion.

Instead of having children, the couple plan to dedicate their lives to having fun, travelling the world and building successful businesses.

While everyone in her life is supportive of her decision, she admits her dad is disappointed that he won’t get to have grandchildren.

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