Twitter abuzz as South Africans launch attack against Meghan Markle #VoetsekMeghan

It is not news that Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex launched her podcast, Archetypes, last Tuesday with guest, Serena Williams, a literal goddess, to discuss barriers that hold women back in life.

On this episode, Meghan and Serena discussed the word, "Ambition." To Meghan, the term ambitious women has been used to chastise/belittle women such as herself and Serena (as global critics will later point out, what exactly was Meghan's ambition when she met Harry?)

While critics across the world have damned the episode as tone-deaf, condescending, pretentious, a complete contrast between an actual working woman who beat all odds (Serena) vs. a duchess who ran away from serving others for the rest of her life (Meghan), it is perhaps the attack from South Africa that shocks the world the most, particularly, Meghan's camp.

The story goes that on the podcast, Serena was discussing one of her bravest moments as a mom and tennis player when her daughter, Olympia, was injured and terribly sick a day before a huge game, and Serena had to play the game with intense emotions the next day (she won, of course!). As she did throughout the podcast, interjecting Serena and speaking always about her own struggles, Meghan retorted that her bravest experience was on her visit to South Africa.

Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, Duke and Sussex and their son, Master Archie (then 4 months old) had visited South Africa as part of a royal tour on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen to celebrate and promote the Southern Africa community, the struggles the people had encountered, and to assist them practically to make good progress. Readers may recall that it was at this trip that Meghan first made a revelation that she was struggling with coping with royal life (and Harry had hinted at a dispute between himself and his brother, His Royal Highness Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge). 

There are also reports that Meghan left her engagement ring in London, and that their Range Rover cars were flown from the UK in South Africa because they could not trust the security situation in South Africa.

But, preclude aside. In the podcast, Ms. Markle described the luxury accommodation that had been provided to her and her husband, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, as "a housing unit." In this unit, she claimed that a heater had caught fire in the room that Archie was supposed to sleep in (he wasn't there, btw, thankfully). Royal reporters and sources have confirmed that there may have been smoke from the portable heater itself, but no fire. And indeed, it was at this juncture that Meghan said that after they had learned of the "fire" situation they were forced to go back to their engagements. Separately, she referred to an African baby wrap (Yorubas call it ooja, others as a baby sling, etc) as a mud cloth.

To many South Africans, and I dare say, Africans, this was insulting. It would seem that the idea of public service is misconstrued by Meghan. Selfless service as The Queen has done when she was shot at, had a fire at her residence in 1992, destruction of the marriages of three of her children, loss of her mother, becoming Queen suddenly at 25, etc., but focusing herself on fighting for The Commonwealth of Nations is foreign to Meghan.

Nothing can inconvenience Meghan, not even the fact that there was nothing alarming that had happened to her baby Archie. Meghan was certainly not as alarmed when she left Archie in the UK to travel to New York to watch Serena Williams play in a tournament, and then travel to Misha Nonoo's wedding.

This new event of things, it appears, has shocked even the most die-hard supporters of Meghan Markle in Africa, who have certainly had to question: is this woman truly a narcissist as has been reported? It does appear that given time, a leopard will always show its color.

For now, from the lips and hands of all South Africans, on Twitter, mainstream media, and elsewhere, it's #VoetsekMeghanMarkle. Read it HERE

Writer: Evans Einstein.


  1. They are a disgrace. Narcissists walk on everybody in their path and ruin lives. It's all about them. They don't deserve the titles.

  2. Great Article @EinsteinEvans…..thanks for enlightening the public…….this person is the most egotistical nasty female…… in GB the last couple of days given YET ANOTHER speech which was basically all about her,…. 54 mentions about herself in the One Young World summit in Manchester
    Hope you are back on twitter soon
    Rooting for you!


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