Greek Cypriot police warns of rising internet fraud

Internet fraud in Cyprus is on the rise and the police are warning citizens to be on alert saying the most common practices is phishing or spoofing.

According to the report by Philenews, phishing or spoofing involves the usage of fake emails, text messages, or copycat websites to commit identity theft. Or it can be used to steal personal information, including credit card and bank account numbers, debit card PINs, and account passwords.

A spokesman for the police unit combatting cyber crime on Monday said they receive daily complaints from citizens who either fell victim or became recipients of strange phishing messages. But these are ones who did not give in to tempting proposals either for a quick profit with crypto-currencies or to allegedly receive a parcel.

Andreas Anastasiades also said proposals for investments in crypto-currencies is of great concern to the Department these days. As he explained, international scammers send messages mainly on Instagram and say that “a friend of yours (name given) has won after investing in cryptocurrencies” and invite the recipient to also invest.

Another cyber fraud is that of electronic messages (e-mails) with Cypriot police or Greek police logos informing the recipient that he/she has been involved in a case of child pornography and inviting them to connect with a link “to settle the issue”.

Some joined with the link, however, when asked to pay they thankfully declined, Anastasiades also said.

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