Paper cups behind many diseases, warns expert

Disposable paper cups may cause many diseases due to the heavy metal they release into the hot drink as soon as they come into contact, an expert has said.

“Heavy metals released into the drink cause anemia, hormonal and reproductive disorders, and cardiovascular diseases,” said professor Mine Kuçur, a medical biochemistry specialist.

When drinks above a certain temperature are poured into these cups, lead, nickel, chromium, copper, zinc and cadmium are released into them, warned Kuçur.

“The body can tolerate exposure to these to a certain extent, but it causes problems in the long run,” Kuçur said.

Among the symptoms of heavy metals reaching toxic levels in the body are chronic fatigue, anemia, dizziness and constipation, she explained.

The heat resistant paper cups are covered with a thin plastic barrier to prevent the liquid from leaking out. This polyethylene substance dissolves with hot water, tea, coffee, etc. and releases into it.

A recent scientific study revealed that heavy metals, as well as plastic, start to dissolve when it comes into contact with a hot drink at 85 degrees Celsius (185 degrees Fahrenheit) for 15 minutes.

The expert also pointed out that the thickness and quality of plastic materials are very important. “For instance, carboys are less harmful than relatively thin plastic water bottles.”

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