Amnesty to start 10 days after publication and last chance for all

Those who benefited from the last amnesty will not be able to benefit from the new one so as to discourage foreigners from staying illegal in the country and the government is set to launch it's E-visa program in about a month time.

Speaking on the just approved “Foreigners and Immigration (Amendment) Law, TRNC Minister of Interior, Ziya Öztürkler said "We are opening a new page in order to ensure registration." 

The Law provides amnesty for foreigners who have been living illegally in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus without permit.

The amnesty program will be opened for 90 days from the date of commencement and will come into effect 10 days after it is published in the official gazette.

Öztürkler stated that, a total of 10 immigration amnesties have been issued in 17 years, and that they do not find this right. “It is very wrong to think that this amnesty will always be granted in every period.

He said an additional article was added so that people who benefited from the last amnesty do not benefit from this amnesty. 

He said the reason why the amnesty law will enter into force 10 days after its publication in the official gazette; is to enable the completion of the preparation made to match the 4,167 people who benefited from the previous amnesty on the immigration systems with the Police Immigration system so they don't benefit from the amnesty.”  

He said the immigration systems were also structured to identify illegal foreigners and that the government would act with zero tolerance in this regard, and those who wish to stay in the country illegally will be deported.

In an appeal to those currently living in prison, "If you are going to stay in this country, you will be registered in a way that respects the law and rules and I want it to be known that this is a real last chance."

Speaking on the immigration system, the Minister said many studies have been carried out to ensure security and public peace in the country, as over 1500 person has been deported.

“We are carrying out the biggest project regarding Immigration Systems in this country. With the e-Visa Automation system, strict control will be brought to the country. With the project, the tender of which will be concluded in the near future, visas will be issued by passing 7 steps for foreigners entering the country. Starting from the countries with high crime rates.

Öztürkler stated that the E-Visa Automation System will come into effect in about a month.

Note: Amnesty has not started. It will be announced when it start. Kindly note that, there is no one monthly fine of 900TL to be paid as insinuated by some people. It will be minimum wage of a little below 10,000TL. We will be helping with the processing for those who needs it at the best rate. Don't fall into the hands of scammers or you regret it.

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