Don't forget to get a proper view of today’s partial solar eclipse

People from around the world will have the opportunity to experience the partial solar eclipse tonight.

The phenomenon as visible from Cyprus will start at 12:50am on Wednesday, October, 26, will last for two hours with the Moon entering the solar disk. 

The peak of the eclipse is expected at 2:04pm when the solar disk will be covered by 35%. The eclipse will end at 3:15pm with the Moon exiting the solar disk.

It will be visible over an area that includes almost all of Europe and Asia as far as the Indies, as well as Northeast Africa.

The area of the sun that remains visible will pose a danger to eyesight so great care needs to be taken to protect eyes.

Residents are warned not to observe the eclipse with the naked eye or with sunglasses.

Make sure to get a telescopes, equipped with special filters for safe viewing.

Partial solar eclipse occurs when the Moon partially covers the Sun. Every total and annular eclipse begins as a partial eclipse and continues and ends as a partial eclipse after the full conjunction.

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