Greek Cypriots coming to the TRNC for shopping blamed for increase in prices of goods in the TRNC

The cost of living is rising in the TRNC, in part because Greek Cypriots from the south who come to the TRNC to buy products which are cheaper by comparison to the south.

According to a report by, Kibris Postasi reports, an opinion piece by journalist Gokhan Altiner, claimed that Greek Cypriots are paid in euros, therefore their spending power is higher in the TRNC.

As a result, shopkeepers are raising their prices to increase their profit. This is hitting the pockets of hard-pressed Turkish Cypriots who are already struggling to pay for food, medicines, fuel, gas and electricity.

Altiner predicts that with continuing price rises, the shoppers from the south will be less tempted to cross the border to make their purchases.

He also writes that when Erhan Arıklı was Minister of Economy and Energy, he asked him why he did not intervene. Arıklı replied that he did not have the authority to cap prices and it fell to the Minister of Agriculture and central government to do so.

In the meanwhile, the Turkish Cypriots are left to struggle.

For full article click here Kibris Postasi

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