TRNC announces multi-tariff” pricing in electricity

The TRNC government has released it's planned pricing for the “multi-tariff” for electricity, which will come into effect as of November 1.

The pricing of the “multiple tariff” regarding electricity prices, announced by the government on Wednesday, was published in the Official Gazette on Thursday.

The prices per hour is as follows;

Unit price between 7.00am – 5.00pm: 0 TL Fixed Fee + Fuel Fee

Unit price between 5.00pm – 10.00pm: 1.27 TL Fixed Fee + Fuel Fee

Unit price between 10.00pm – 7.00am: 1.13 TL Fixed Fee + Fuel Fee

*Fixed Cost vs. Fuel Cost, “variable”

For Winter period

Normal hours: 7.00am – 5.00pm

Peak hours: 5.00pm – 10.00pm

Off-peak hours: 10.00pm – 7.00am

According to the table published in the Official Gazette, the housing tariff is charged for kWh in “peak” hours, which means the hours when the highest electricity consumption is made; It will be calculated as 1,2761 TL + Fixed Fee + Fuel Fee.

Pricing for kWh in off-peak hours will be calculated as 1.1344 TL + Fixed Fee + Fuel Fee.

On the other hand, “normal” time will be reflected in the invoices as 0 TL + Fixed Fee + Fuel Fee.

KIB-TEK Deputy General Manager Dalman Aydın, in his statement to YENİDÜZEN, said that the normal hours in the winter period are between 7.00am - 5.00pm, peak hours are between 5.00pm - 10.00pm and non-peak hours are between 10.00pm - 7.00am.

The “Fixed Cost” and “Fuel Cost” in the multi-tariff pricing have variability.

According to the Electricity Development Regulation, “Fuel Cost”; It stands for Fuel Cost x Fuel Efficiency Coefficient. Recently, the freight costs of the fuel coming to Tekcenik vary between 120 Dollars and 30 Dollars.

“Fixed Fee” consists of Personnel Salary + Pension Fund + Depreciation + Financing + General Expenses + AKSA Rent + Investment Share. Since some of the items in question increase in proportion to the cost of living, the 'cost' in question also varies.

Effective November 1, there is an application requirement

According to the information in the Official Gazette, citizens who want to benefit from the said tariff will have to apply to KIB-TEK as of today.

According to the information in the Official Gazette, consumers will have the right to change their applications at most 2 times a year.

The new application will come into effect as of November 1.

According to KIB-TEK's “single” tariff, unit price for consumption up to 250 kW is 1.61 TL, unit price is 3.23 TL for consumption between 251 and 500 kW, unit price is 3.57 TL for consumption between 501 and 750 kW, between 751 and 1000 kW The unit price in consumption is 3.87 TL and the unit price in consumption of 1001 kW and above is 4.62 TL.


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