Two Nigerian sentenced to 18 months in prison for dealing in drug sales

Two Nigerian nationals who were arrested for drug crimes have been sentenced to 18 months in prison by a Lefkosa court. 

The judgement was delivers by a Lefkosa court on Wednesday.

What Happened?

The pair were arrested in an operation by the Narcotics and Smuggling Prevention Directorate at their residence in Gonyeli on May, 25, 2022 after police got a tip-off that illegal drugs (Cannabis) were been sold at their residence.

One of the suspect who opened the door during the operation when they wanted to enter the residence, noticed the police, did not comply with the necessary warning and tried to escape from the living room balcony, but was neutralized and detained with reasonable force.

The second suspect who realized that the police had entered the residence, threw the substances believed to be cannabis type drugs, in 8 packages ready for sale, out of the sliding door of the bedroom to the ground. 

In a search conducted with a court order in the presence of the suspects at their residence, police found a cannabis type drug weighing approximately 18 grams and a drug residue in the bedroom of one of the suspect.

A small black precision scale with the inscription JZ 115 and 300 TL in cash obtained from the sale of drugs were also found. Both suspects were arrested.

Police said the suspects imported the said substances from south Cyprus to the TRNC. 40 grams was imported in exchange for 12,000 TL on May, 12, 2022 and they received them in Gönyeli from a person who was wanted by the police and whose identity was not determined at the time.

Police said they gave 5000 TL out of the money they obtained from sales to many persons (600 TL per gram), to the person from whom they imported the subject materials.

They were sent to jail for a period of 3 months for trial to commence.

The judgement'

The court judge delivering judgement, mentioned the seriousness and prevalence of the crime committed by the defendants. He stated that the defendants came to the country with the status of students and that they did not continue their education but stayed illegal during the period of which they engaged in drug dealings.

Touching on all the issues in favor and against the defendants, the judge announced that they were unanimously sentenced to 18 months in prison. 

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