Looking Back at 2022

2022 has been a year to remember for all. There were ups and downs shocks, successes... name it and above all, a year to be thankful for. What is your 2022 highlights?

Many of us made new year resolutions and outlined what we'd wish to achieve before December, 31, 2022 and with just few hours to enter a new year, what have you been able to achieved so far? Did anything stop you?

No doubts very many of us had a very good year with great accomplishments while many still feels they had under performed or achieved below expectations, but it will be good to appreciate the positives and learn from the negatives. Be bullish.

2022 has seen so many ups and down around the world from Africa, Asia, US, Europe and the Middle east. So many key events took place around the world which has in one way or the other impacted the world negatively or positively and as such is driving the world to a whole new direction.

But where ever the world might be heading to in the future, man will always remain uniquely blessed with the ability to cope with any situation or challenges life throws at him.

Many of us might be blaming the government, the economic situation, friends and pals, bosses, political tension, wars and even God for our failure in 2022, but others took the same things you presented as excuses for failing as the things and situations that changed their life for good. Events and situations in 2022 should not be an excuse.

In essence of this post, there is no time now to rue the past 12 months but a time to take a look back at the last 365 days of 2022, to;

  • Check where you did excellently well and try to improve and if not try to keep up with the pace.
  • Check wherever you'd think you failed or performed below par, and don't see it as a loss or failure, but see it a learning process and a stepping stone to getting better next time. 
  • Check what you think you can do differently. 
  • Check how you impacted in other people's life around you either negatively or positively.
  • Check your relationship with those around you. 
  • Review the company you keep, who and who is not worth keeping as friends or associates in the new year. 
  • Review your habits and characters, you might not recognize your weakness but at least someone may have once told you what they feel they don't like about you, see how you can change from it if necessary.
  • Change your approach to life. 
Above all, how was your relationship with God in 2022? 2023 is another room for improvement. Try to be positive, see the positive in everything you do, don't give up the challenge, be bold, strong and passionate and above all be thankful to God Almighty.

Happy 2023 from Olomoinfo Blog.

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