50 people implanted with brain chips to have a better life

Brain chip implants are real and have been put into 50 patients with massive plans for the future including robot control.

Blackrock Neurotech has invented the NeuroPort Array which scientists at the firm hope will cure physical paralysis, blindness, deafness and depression.

To do so the sci-fi-like gear connects with other tech designed to aid mobility such as robotic arms and wheelchairs, all without the user moving an inch.

brain chips

Marcus Gerhardt, co-founder of the Salt Lake City, Utah-based company in the US, told DailyMail.com : “We are the only company with direct-brain BCI implants in humans.

“Our implantable arrays have enabled people to connect directly to computers, control robotic arms and wheelchairs, play video games, even regain sensation – with just their brain signals.”

To access one’s thoughts, the NeuroPort Array has nearly 100 microneedles that read the electrical signals their brain is producing.

Once the implant latches onto signals given off by someone’s brain, they’re decoded into commands and action by machine learning software.

As a result, the tech can make a robotic arm to even the most intricate tasks such as sketch a portrait and use a computer.

The next obstacle facing Blackrock Neurotech is getting FDA approval so the implant can connect with tools built for use beyond the lab, to change the lives of people with paralysis.

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