Kıb-Tek increases electricity tariffs

Cyprus Turkish Electricity Authority (Kıb-Tek) has announced an increase in electricity tariffs that will be valid from Tuesday, August, 1.

The new tariffs were increased between 0.25 and 0.74 per Kws.

According to the new tariff, the poverty exemption for the first 500 Kws in the single-time housing tariff remained 0.3442 TL, while the other single-time housing tariffs were increased between 0.25 and 0.74 Kws.

In the 3-Time housing tariff, 0.73 TL for the peak times for each Kws; 0.53 TL for normal times and 0.35 TL for non-peak times.

While the fixed fee increases from 25 TL to 33.50 TL in housing tariffs, it is determined as, while it is determined as 35 TL for single phase and 46.90 TL for multi-phase in commercial, tourism, industry, water engines and government office tariffs. rose to 67 TL. For universities and casinos, the fixed fee increased from 8 TL to 10.72 TL.

In addition, as of July 27, the fees for installation control, meter control and insurance replacement were adjusted according to the minimum wage in force.

While no fee is charged for the first installation inspection, the fee to be paid for the second and each subsequent inspection ranges from 1,085.04 TL to 1,448,24 TL; meter control fee increased from 1,085.04 TL to 1,448,24 TL.

Insurance replacement fee is from 406.89 TL to 543.09 TL for the place located between 0-4 km from the institution's service center; It increased from 678.15 TL to 905.15 TL for the place located more than 4 km from the institution's service center.


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