Teens loot Apple store in US, targets iPhone 15

Some teens have targeted an Apple store just to loot the new iphone 15.
Teens loot Apple store, targets iPhone 15

About twenty people have been arrested after widespread looting broke out in Philadelphia last night, with one woman who livestreamed the chaos.

Police in the city said that a large group of around 100 juveniles kept moving from store to store and looting them.

Videos shared on social media show officers attempting to grab thieves, some of whom are wearing Halloween masks, as they run riot through a Lululemon store.

One officer manages to hit one of the looters with a punch after managing to tackle them to the ground, in social media footage.

The incident happened on Walnut Street in the heart of the city center and also involved a nearby Foot Locker and Apple store.

Police in the city said that they had so far made between 15 to 20 arrests and recovered two firearms from the scenes.

Footage shows bikes and piles of merchandise piled up on the sidewalk outside of the Lululemon branch as officers arrived on the scene and started making arrests.

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