Surgeons perform first whole eye transplant

Surgeons in New York say they have performed the world’s first complete eye transplant on a man, although it is not certain he will regain vision.
Surgeons perform first whole eye transplant

Aaron James, who survived a high-voltage electrical accident, underwent 21 hours of surgery that replaced half of his face.

Surgeons have been able to transplant corneas successfully for years.

Experts have called the breakthrough a pivotal moment in the quest to restore sight to millions of people.

Surgeons perform first whole eye transplant

Surgeons at NYU Langone Health, who performed the complicated surgery, said on Thursday that Mr James, 46, was recovering well from the dual transplant and the donated eye looked remarkably healthy. His right eye still works.

Doctors say James’ surgery offers scientists an unprecedented window into how the human eye tries to heal.

“We’re not claiming that we are going to restore sight,” Dr Rodriguez. “But there’s no doubt in my mind we are one step closer.”

Mr James, a military veteran, will continue to be monitored by doctors, but the progress they have seen with the eye is “exceptional” says Bruce E. Gelb, MD, a transplant surgeon at New York University.

Mr James is only the 19th person in the US to undergo a face transplant.

His wife of 20 years, Meagan James, told CNN seeing him after the surgery “was a crazy, great, weird, strange, ecstatic, happy feeling”.

“I was just happy he made it through, and everything was good in the moment.”

After the accident, Mr James had to have his left eye removed because of the pain and has undergone numerous surgeries, including one for a prosthetic arm.

He has called the eye transplant “life changing” and says he is “grateful beyond words” to the donor and their family for making the surgery possible.

“I just look like a normal person walking down the street.”

Surgeons perform first whole eye transplant

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