Clergyman scammed of his money via phone call in Cyprus

Fraudsters are now employing new tactics to deceive and extort money from unsuspecting individuals in Cyprus.

According to a recent case reported to the police, it was revealed that scammers are making phone calls to citizens using various pretexts, attempting to extract money or banking account information.

According to the complaint, a clergyman received a call at the Church’s phone where he serves, from an unknown individual.

The caller, claiming that a woman who had passed away abroad had left a specific amount of money as inheritance to the Church, requested the complainant’s banking details for the transfer of funds.

The clergyman fell for the ruse and provided the requested information, resulting in the loss of funds from the specific account shortly afterward.

300 Euros was stolen from his account while he was waiting for a large amount of money to be deposited.

In light of this incident, the police once again urge the public to exercise extreme caution and vigilance.

They advise against easily trusting unknown individuals and recommend not responding to requests made over the phone, no matter how plausible they may seem.

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