Student sentenced to five 5 years in prison for robbery and illegal residency in north Cyprus

An international student in North Cyprus has been sentenced to 5 years in prison by the Lefkosia Criminal High Court after he was found guilty of various crimes and illegal residency. 

The decision against the defendant, MCO, a Nigerian national was announced by the Lefkosia Criminal High Court on Tuesday, April, 2.

The defendant was sentenced to 5 years in prison for the crimes of  "robbery, serious assault, threat of violence, carrying a knife for the purpose of intimidation and staying without a residence permit in north Cyprus".

The incident between the defendant and another Nigerian occurred on July 28, 2022. The defendant MCO and his friend, one V threatened and stole from an individual named only as AAI, also a Nigerian over cryptocurrency issue.

Announcing that they found the defendant guilty of all the cases in which he was tried and convicted for, the judge stated that the crimes committed by the defendant were crimes against the security of life and property guaranteed by the constitution.

The judge mentioned that deterrent and exemplary punishments should be given for such crimes.

The judge stated that the defendant, who was involved in the debt issue between the complainant and V, showed the complainant a knife and said, "Give me the money, otherwise I will kill you."

The judge noted that the defendant punched the complainant in the face and chest. Noting that 5,000 pounds and 3,000 TL were taken from the complainant in the incident, the judge stated that they considered the defendant's display of a knife during the threat of violence as an aggravating factor.

The judge stated that "TRNC is a state of law" and that anyone resorting to brute force and violence for any reason will not be tolerated.

The judge also stated that the defendant remained without a residence permit for 6 years until the day he was caught.

The judge stated that they observed that tourists and students who came to the north of Cyprus recently were involved in serious crimes. Noting that the image of the North was damaged, the Judge emphasized that inspections should be increased more frequently.

The judge noted that the complaint was ongoing and that this was considered an aggravating factor against the defendant.

The judge stated that the defendant, who was caught after the incident that occurred in 2022, has been detained in prison without a warrant for 19 months.

The judge announced that the defendant was sentenced to 5 years in prison after considering his acceptance of the case and his lack of a criminal record.

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