Elephants crush people and invade homes in Thailand

Elephants crush people and invade homes in ThailandThailand is under siege as rampaging elephants wreak havoc, crushing people and causing chaos across towns.

The surge in fatal attacks has turned Thailand into the world’s elephant attack hotspot, with experts blaming the influx of tourists for provoking the gentle giants. Since 2018, these wild elephant rampages have claimed over 150 lives and left more than 133 people injured, according to Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation.

Elephants crush people and invade homes in Thailand

The attacks, often targeting tourists in the southern region, have escalated, reflecting Thailand’s growing wild elephant challenges. From blocking highways to invading homes, these elephants are causing mayhem.

One harrowing incident saw a massive seven-ton bull elephant casually lounging on a motorist’s car, halting traffic in Khao Yai National Park.

As human-elephant conflicts surge, residents in provinces like Nakhon Ratchasima arm themselves with ping-pong “bombs” for protection.

The rise in attacks is linked to the captivity of many elephants, with the tourism and logging industries exploiting them for profit. Animal rights activists decry the cruelty of such practices, urging tourists to consider the suffering these animals endure before engaging in elephant-related activities.

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