TRNC member of parliament exposes plan to site a casino hotel inside Ercan airport

A TRNC member of parliament has revealed a plans by a company to site a casino at the new Ercan airport.

Opposition party (CTP) member of parliament, Sami Özuslu last week revealed that T&T company which constructed the new terminal at Ercan Airport is pursuing a permit to establish a hotel with a casino inside the airport.

Sharing official documents to back his claim, Özuslu pointed out that there are active efforts to green-light a casino hotel within Ercan Airport.

Using his social media platform to share the relevant permit documents, Sami Özuslu underscored that T&T company is now making moves to secure authorisation for a casino hotel inside Ercan Airport.

Özuslu shared these documents and stated, “Ercan’s operator, T&T, has presented its project to Arıklı’s ministry. Arıklı’s Undersecretary is also overseeing the process by communicating with the Ministry of Tourism“.

In his post, CTP MP Özuslu emphasised the following:

The coalition government, which fails to address any public issues, continually increases living costs, and pushes producers and small businesses to the brink, is now fervently trying to satisfy certain factions. To date, they have repeatedly wiped out T&T’s tax debts, gifted them 59 million Euros in one go, and granted them numerous privileges. Now, they are working to grant them a permit for a hotel with a casino inside Ercan Airport.

“As seen in the documents below, Ercan’s operator, T&T, has submitted its project to Arıklı’s ministry. Arıklı’s Undersecretary is following up by writing to the Ministry of Tourism.

“Additionally, the government is proposing amendments to the Gaming Law in parliament. Currently, casino permits are restricted to the Bafra region. The proposed changes include provisions that will benefit T&T.

“In essence, the Üstel-Ataoğlu-Arıklı trio continues to prioritise big capital over the citizens struggling with high costs.

“As the poet said, ‘Know them well to grow wiser…‘”

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