Groom discovers his new BRIDE is a MAN 12 days after their wedding

Groom discovers his new BRIDE is a MAN 12 days after their wedding 
An Indonesian groom discovered that his bride who he had dated for an entire year was a cross-dressing man who hid his true identity by always wearing traditional Muslim attire.

The 26-year-old man, named only as AK, met his spouse Adinda Kanza, also 26, on Instagram in 2023 and the pair dated in person for a year after hitting it off online.

During their in-person meetings, Adinda, who was also known as Erik according to local media, wore a traditional Muslim niqab that covered her entire face – which AK, a resident of Wangunjaya Village in Cianjur, reportedly took as a sign for her devotion to Islam.

Groom discovers his new BRIDE is a MAN 12 days after their wedding

The couple decided to get married and opted for a small ceremony at AK’s home after Adinda, who was from Jayapura Village in south Cianjur, told him that she no longer had any family, as her mother had died and her father had run away.

But AK grew suspicious of his new wife soon after tying the knot on April 12, since she avoided intimacy by telling him she was on her period or feeling unwell, according to the South China Morning Post.

AK said Adinda refused to speak to his family and continued wearing her niqab at home. Police said AK’s parents were immediately suspicious of Adinda.

Groom discovers his new BRIDE is a MAN 12 days after their wedding

Head of the Naringgul Police Criminal Investigation Unit, Bripka Ridwan, told local media: ‘From the start, AK’s parents were suspicious of Adinda, who every time he was invited to visit his house, he rarely interacted and chatted, preferring to remain silent.

‘Every time he visited Adinda Kanza, was always dressed completely covered and wearing a veil.’

‘AK’s family’s suspicions also increased when Adinda asked for a marriage guardian, on the grounds that his mother had died and his father had gone somewhere and had been living alone in the Cidaun subdistrict,’ he added.

AK was suspicious of his new bride, and so tracked down her former address 12 days after their wedding – and was surprised to find her parents alive and well there.

Adinda’s parents revealed that AK’s wife was actually a man, identified as ESH, who started crossdressing in 2020.

They also said they didn’t know that their son was in a relationship, let alone married.

The police said that Adinda behaved like a woman and had a female-sounding voice, adding: ‘If you look at their wedding photos, Adinda looks exactly like a real woman.

‘He also has a gentle voice and tone, so there was no suspicion at all about him being a woman.’

ESH has now been arrested by the police and told them he intended to marry AK to steal his family’s assets, according to local media reports.

He is facing fraud charges that could land him behind bars for up to four years.

Police suggested that ESH enjoyed pretending to be a woman while dating men. It was also revealed that the alleged fraudster had previously dated women.

The investigation is ongoing.

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