Sacrificial calf on the run in Istanbul: causes traffic chaos

A cow that was bought for sacrifice to celebrate the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha escaped from its owner in Kağıthane region of Istanbul in Turkiye and caused chaos in traffic.

The incident took place around 13:00 in Kağıthane Hamidiye District Istanbul on Saturday June 15.

The moments when the calf escaped from Kağıthane and pursued by the owner for minutes causing chaos were caught on camera.

According to the information obtained, a sacrificial animal purchased at noon escaped from its owner. The sacrificial animal started running and entered Cendere and Anadolu Streets, which are the busiest streets in the district. 

The sacrificial calf, wandering among the vehicles in traffic, was chased for minutes but could not be captured. 

It later took shelter in a parking lot as, efforts to catch it continue.

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