Do not drive if you must drink, Turkish Cypriot police issues holiday warning

The General Directorate of Police has issued a message for Eid al-Fitr holiday. 

Dear People,

Religious holidays, which have an important place in our lives, are one of the exceptional days where love, respect and tolerance are strengthened, human relations are strengthened and hopes are revived.

We must never forget that the formation of tolerance, peace and brotherhood in all segments of society will be important in solving problems. 

As the General Directorate of Police, we have taken all the safety measures required by our duties and responsibilities in order to have the Ramadan Feast in a peaceful and secured environment.

In order to evaluate your complaints and requests for assistance, we will be at your service to our valued people 24 hours a day with telefon 155 POLICE, 199 FIRE, 156 NARKOTIC and other telephone lines.

We believe that we need help and support in addition to the measures we take in order to stop, traffic accidents that cause our country and our people deep sorrow and cause material and moral losses.

In order not to endanger the safety of life and property of yourself, your loved ones and others in the traffic which will be intensified by the feast;
- Always obey the traffic rules and warn those who do not.
- If you buy alcohol, do not drive, if necessary ask for help from the police.
- Drive the vehicle carefully, taking into account the position of the roads.
- Do not hesitate to report to the police if they do not comply with the rules of traffic and the traffic that endangers the lives and property of themselves and others.
- Never forget to talk to a mobile phone while driving, or to eat and drink, distract the driver.
- Do not speed. Please note that speeding can shorten your life, but not your ways.
- Your priority in traffic; . Do not speed up, arrive at your destination healthy and cuddle with your loved ones.
- Our citizens who will spend their holidays away from home due to Eid Fitr; Before they leave home and work, take necessary measures against theft and / or fire that will make the police work a little bit easier.

It will be in our own interest to check that our respectable people can safely close the door windows before they leave their homes, and that their devices are safe.

We wish you the most sincere wishes of the Ramadan Feast of all our people and wish you a healthy and happy holiday.

Not 100% translated from Turkish.

Kıbrıs Gazetesi

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