TRNC to open to tourists from July, 1 group countries into categories

Tourists will be able to come to the TRNC from July, 1 with a PCR test and will be grouped into 3 different categories according to their country, the TRNC Council of Ministers decided on Thursday when they met to discuss the entry-exit conditions to the country from July, 1.

Briefing the media after the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Kudret Özersay said the conditions of entry and exit to the country were addressed and the decision was made at the 'single agenda' meeting.

The following are some decisions taken by the council;
-From the 1st of July; 3 different categories of countries, whether citizens or not, are entitled to enter the country;

Category (a):
Malta, Bulgaria, Norway, Germany, Austria, Finland, Hungary, Slovenia, Israel, Greece, Turkey, Lithuania and Denmark. All individuals arriving from these countries will have to present a negative PCR tests carried out 72 hours before arrival.

Category (b):
Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia and some other countries. For this category, DOUBLE PCR will be applied. PCR will be demanded before boarding, and PCR will be taken when they arrives on the island.

Category (c):
These are countries in the High Risk group and they include, USA, Russian Federation, Brazil, Iran, and the United Kingdom. They will be able to enter with PCR test and will be kept in quarantine for 14 days, provided they pay the price themselves.

Country lists will be updated once a week in line with the data.

-The PCR test will be switched from the south to the north, and the coincidence test system will be passed from the next pass.

- As of June 22, students working in the South, people in Pile, Greeks in Karpaz, Maronites, students in the south will be able to pass south on the condition that they perform PCR tests at the first entrance, and then will be subjected to random testing.

- Students who will come from June 15 to July 1 will enter the quarantine and be tested, and negative ones will enter the campus quarantine. They will stay in the campus quarantine for 14 days with the commitment they will sign, they will not have to pay a price.

-Quarantine application will be valid for those who will come to the island before July 1.

Kudret Özersay pointed out the importance of 'using the mask', pointing out the necessity to be sensitive again as in the beginning, as the country will be opened to the outside world under certain conditions from 1 July.

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