Serious increase in coronavirus cases in Lefkosa with young people and foreign students most affected

Physicians struggling with the pandemic stated that "there has been a serious increase in cases in Lefkosa region in recent weeks".  

In the case analysis, young people, especially between the ages of 16-35 are in the majority, and most of them are foreign university students living in the country.

Physicians drew attention to the fact that COVID-19 cases in recent weeks are frequently seen in Lefkosa with young people mostly affected. 

Physician at the Pandemic Hospital, Erol Uçaner shared his findings on the course of the cases in recent weeks with YENİDÜZEN.  

He noted that with the arrival of summer months, the number of cases has started to decrease but transmission has increased significantly in young people between the ages of 16-35 and 35-65 in the last week. 

Uçaner noted that among these young people, foreign university students living in the country are predominant, while the majority of local cases are "within or between families".

Uçaner stated that the contamination spread rapidly due to the social and cultural sharing of the students in question and the crowded living spaces.

Referring to the fact that domestic transmission is also very common, Uçaner said, “In the lists we have, most of the local cases are domestic transmission. "At least 2-3 families are reflected in our data in this way during the day."

Referring to the fact that the patients who went to the hospital were between the ages of 16-35 and 35-65 for the last week, Uçaner emphasized that especially young people between the ages of 16-35 should be more cautious. 

He emphasized that outdoor socialization and rules such as masks and distance are vital, including the importance of regular PCR tests.

Özgeç continued as follows:

“Many countries haven't been vaccinated, even if we get vaccinated, we have to be careful. Even if we are vaccinated, the pandemic will not end in here as long as it does not end all over the world. With the opening, we can also get cases from abroad. But it is our advantage to use open areas in summer. We must continue to act in a way that protects the risk groups. If we pay attention to all these details, we can have a more comfortable process. "

Some physicians working in the pandemic hospital stated that the cases are increasing especially in the Lefkosa region and stated that young people who are active in both social and business life should pay more attention to social distance and mask rules. Indicating that the young population are unvaccinated, the physicians warned that "even if these people survive the disease easily, they should be cautious for people in the risk group".

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