Greek Cypriots start protest to remove TRNC's president, Ersin Tatar’s president title on Twitter

A campaign to ‘remove’ TRNC president, Ersin Tatar's blue approval badge on Twitter has been started by a group of Greek Cypriots. 

The complaint is that Ersin Tatar describing himself as President of the TRNC, creates “discomfort“, Kibris Postasi reported.

A statement issued by the Presidency said: “The reason for this new attack on Ersin Tatar, our President, is the blue approval badge that Ersin Tatar uses to ensure that his account of public interest is authentic. According to Twitter, in order to receive a blue badge, your account must be original, well-known and active”.

President Tatar’s Twitter account has been active since December 2011 and has more than 150,000 followers.

It was commented on Ersin Tatar's Twitter account, that the fact that he describes himself as the ‘President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ creates discomfort. 

The statement said, “President Tatar receives a blue badge; As it is known, it was given due to the fact that President Tatar’s account had a great number of followers”.

Source: LGC News

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