More students and incoming students should be vaccinated for Face-to-Face education to materialize

A university union in Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, EMU-SEN has called on the government to speed up the vaccination of students in the country.

EMU-SEN on Wednesday, July, 14 drew attention to the increase in cases, especially among young people, through socialization, and underlined that the number of cases would increase at a much higher rate if no measures were taken for the almost about 80 thousand students who are expected to come into the country in September.

It called for a large number of vaccines to be provided especially for international students and their parents, otherwise it would not be possible to achieve the expected result with face-to-face education in September-October.

EMU-SEN's statement is as follows:

“Our union stated in its statement shared with the public a month ago that if the highly mobile young university youth are unvaccinated, the number of cases will increase very seriously when face-to-face education begin in September. Before September came, our Union was right:

Indigenous young people who started to socialize increased the number of cases. If measures are not taken for the 70-80 thousand students who will come to our island in September, the number of cases will increase at a much higher rate. For this reason, if we want to start face-to-face education in primary and secondary education and higher education without any problems, we must inculcate both our citizens, young people and international students who will come to the country.

For this purpose, it is necessary to provide a large number of vaccines especially for our international students and their parents. Otherwise, it will not be possible to achieve the expected result with face-to-face training in September-October. Coming to the point of re-closure will be an unacceptable and sad point for all segments. In order not to reach this point, steps should be taken without wasting time.

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