Too many rumours and false narrative in the TRNC

There's been rumors making the rounds recently that Turkish Cypriot police were going from house to house asking foreigners/students for resident permit. This is totally false.

The police have no business going from house to house, harassing people and demanding to see their resident permit. The only instance this can happen is when there's a purported crime in a particular apartment or neighborhood. 
Example is; alleged drug use, weed, playing of loud music, making loud noise during unholy hours, fighting, assault, and the likes. In these cases, everyone found in such an apartment is a suspect and will be interrogated.
Speaking about traffic crime, many international drivers do not know much of the TRNC traffic/driving rules, more reasons they are being harassed during traffic search. 
We see the bias in the treatment of foreigners in the country, but this does not mean that all police officers are the same. There are so many nice ones among them. To avoid being harassed, don't drive at all or obey traffic rules to the least. Truth be told, there is no country in the world where foreigners, are treated like first class citizens. In some countries, it's not so evident, but in countries like Cyprus, its due to lack of exposure.
Also recently, there was another rumor that anyone without a vaccine will not be allowed to process his/her student permit... This is false. 

There is no law in the TRNC that says everyone must be vaccinated or else cant do certain things or get into certain places. What the government has done is advise and encourage people to get vaccinated. If you cant do this, get a PCR every 2 or 3 days. No lab in the TRNC can stop anyone from processing his/her permit just because they are not vaccinated.

Always try to validate every rumor that comes your way before spreading. Every false narrative is dangerous and can affect an individual negatively by instilling fear in them.
We as foreigners must do our best to remain within the law to avoid being harassed unnecessarily.
-Get your resident permit
-Register for school
-Dont drive if drunk
-Obey traffic rules
-Shun drugs use
-Observe quarantine rules
-Stay out of trouble

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