Betting company deletes account of man who won 22 million dollars

A Cameroonian who reportedly won 13 billion frs from 1xbet which is equivalent to about 22 million dollars, was surprised to find out that the betting office had deleted his account in an attempt not to pay him.

The lucky guy with face covered won the 13 Billion jackpot from 1xbet on Sunday.

According the guy whose face and name has been withheld for security reasons, 1xbet didn't promised to give him 400million as many news outlets claim, as a matter of fact, the betting company hasn't even reached out to him. He revealed his account was deleted the same minute he won the money and Yaoundé based 1xbet agents claimed his account has never existed... Luckily enough, the guy has printed documents of all his former transactions with 1xbet.

Many people who heard the story also recounted more stories of people winning huge sums of money from 1xbet and getting nothing in return.

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