E-Visa for foreigners will be ready in a month time, criminals will be banned from entering the TRNC - TRNC Minister of Interior

The TRNC Minister of Interior has said E-Visa for foreigners will be ready in a month time while the government will within the next 2 weeks take steps to ensure peace and security in the country.

Speaking about security in a TV chat on Monday, Ziya Öztürkler said "The main thing is to establish structures and mechanisms that will not allow people involved in crime and mafia to enter the country, and to declare such objectionable people as banned immigrants."

Öztürkler said legal actions will continue against people who are involved in crime, threaten public peace and security and live illegally in the country.

He stated that it is very important to prevent the entry of objectionable people who are involved in crime, mafia and gang in their own country.

Speaking on the new Lefkosa prison, Öztürkler said gradual transitions started as of July, and that there are currently around 100 detainees in the new prison.

Explaining that at this stage, the detainees were sent to the new prison for a certain period of time and then sent to the current prison within the framework of Covid-19 measures, Öztürkler explained that the relocation process will continue as the deficiencies are observed during the transfer to the new prison.

Öztürkler said that they will hold educational panels and seminars on "My Job is Ready, We Speak the Same Language, Non-Violent Communication is Possible, Healthy Life-Strong Society, Women Succeed, Environmental Awareness and Combating Climate Change, Prison Library".

Technical studies for e-Visa completed

Expressing that the technical studies on the e-visa application project for entry into the country, where they work in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education, have been completed, Öztürkler announced that they also found support for the budgeting of the project.

Expressing that the e-visa application is important for entering the country, Öztürkler said, “We want to implement a very important project for the future of this country. At the current stage, as soon as the budget is completed, we will be able to switch to the e-visa application within 1-1.5 months. We always talk and tell on TV and radio. The main thing for me is that projects and modern systems come to life. You exist not as much as you speak, but as much as you produce.”

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