Investment scam cons woman out of 10 thousand Euro in south Cyprus

Internet scams are reaching breaking point with the CID in Limassol investigating yet another case of fraud and securing money under false pretences.

According to the complaint by a woman living in the city, between July 1st and August 10th this year she was defrauded by an individual unknown to her, who gradually conned her out of 10.500 euro.

The man approached through a social media platform and claimed to be working for an investment company, persuading her to invest in an alleged platform belonging to his company, guaranteeing a profit.

She then activated two accounts and gave access to the alleged investment employee through an internet application. Subsequently she transferred a total amount of 5.500 to these accounts on three separate occasions.

On August 10th, the woman transferred a further 5.000 to one of the accounts with the purpose of sending them to relatives abroad. But the scammer interjected through his access to the accounts.

She then realised this was a fraud and contacted authorities.

Police are calling on the public to be vigilant, as such internet scams are spiking, with yet another two cases being made public yesterday. In the 2nd of the two cases, a 79 year old was defrauded of almost 20 thousand euro.


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