Student of Cyprus International University earns dual diploma

Cyprus International University has been offering its students the option of pursuing a double major or a major/minor in various programs towards earning a dual diploma which gives the graduates the opportunity to embark on their career one step ahead of the others. 

The cooperation with Tor Vergata University in Italy has started to bear fruit by producing successful graduates earning dual diplomas.  

CIU Alumni Communication and Career Center Director Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sami Boşnak stated that they have the first graduate of the dual diploma program they have been running for the last three years together with the Faculty of Pharmacy of Tor Vergata University in Italy and said, " Promise Ayomide Adekola who is our student in the Faculty of Pharmacy, graduated with a double diploma this year."

Noting that CIU Faculty of Pharmacy is an international faculty of pharmacy that lives up to its name with students from 43 countries, Boşnak said, "Our aim is to train pharmacists who are ready to tackle the challenges  of their profession in the multicultural environment."

Boşnak said that the Nigerian student Promise Ayomide Adekola successfully completed the first three years of her five-year pharmacy education at CIU within the scope of this program; she then continued her education at Tor Vergata University’s Faculty of Pharmacy in Rome for two years which made her eligible to receive a dual diploma..

Boşnak stated that Adekola graduated with outstanding academic success (with an average of 106 out of 110), and expressed their satisfaction in offering this dual diploma opportunity to their students.

Stating that Adekola's success not only makes her family and her country but also CIU feel proud of her achievement, Boşnak said, "Our graduate has received two diplomas, one from a European Union country and the other given equivalency by the Council of Higher Education of Turkey. Thus, it is inevitable that she will find a job in the field she wants immediately after her graduation.”

Boşnak said that Adekola's preference is to pursue a Ph.D. at CIU in Pharmaceutical Sciences and  as such, "We would very much like to see Adekola as an academic contributing to humanity and science and transferring her own experiences to the young generation of potential pharmacist candidates."

Stating that they act with the aim of raising leading healthcare professionals who listen to their patients, understand, empathize, serve their patients with the most up-to-date scientific knowledge, take responsibility when necessary, contribute to the society they live in, and work with a team spirit, Boşnak said, "We believe only vocational training is not sufficient for them to become the healthcare professionals of the future. We are trying to discover their individual talents and differences, and to support them and help them be highly sought after in their field.”

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