Foreigner steals, slaughtered lamb form a barn in north Cyprus

A young Pakistani national man has been detained for stealing a lamb from a barn in the village of Yedidalga and for injuring a man while trying to escape with the animal.

The suspect named only as Z.A.J., committed the crime at around 11:00pm on Friday in a barn located at Yedidalga. 

He was arrested on Saturday and taken to court on charges of theft, assault resisting arrest and carrying of weapon.

Police who spoke in court said the suspect at around 11:00pm on Friday, entered the barn, slaughtered a 43-kilogram lamb, put it in a bag and then left the barn.

While walking away, he was noticed by a man named only as U.Ş who suspected that he might have stolen from a farm. He then tried to confront the suspect by asking what he was carrying in the bag. The suspect then attacked the man with a knife in his possession causing an injury to U.Ş.'s left hand.

The suspect then threw the stolen lamb on the ground and fled the scene.

The police initiated an investigation after the incident and located the suspect in his home, where he was subsequently arrested. The police officer also mentioned that the stolen lamb valued at 6,000 Turkish lira and the knife were taken as evidence.

During the search of the suspect's house, two bags similar to the one used to wrap the stolen lamb, as well as bloody boots believed to have been worn during the incident, and a bloody t-shirt with a neck portion were found.

The police emphasized that the investigation was still in its early stages and that further statements needed to be taken. They requested that the suspect be held in custody for three days.

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