Three Ercan Airport workers steals from departing passengers

Immigration officers at Ercan Airport said they arrested three people after money and other items were found in their suitcases.

The 3 people who works as employees at Ercan Airport were arrested during the 'Check In' operation carried out by the police in connection with a theft incidents that occurred between September and November 2023 at Ercan Airport.

Police said they worked in the passenger departures section of Ercan Airport and stole money and items from many suitcases.

Police said one of the suspects, SA, 41 was seen as the main suspect in the large-scale investigation carried out within the scope of the 'Check In' operation carried out by the Demirhan police regarding the thefts that took place at Ercan Airport.

Two other suspects, HY, 45 and AV, 29 were identified and arrested.

The suspects opened the suitcases of four different people who left the country.

The suspects, who worked as baggage collection officers at the Istanbul Handling company in the passenger departure department at Ercan Airport, opened the suitcase belonging to the passenger who was going to leave the country on September 13, 2023 and stole 2,c700 pounds.

Police announced that the suspects opened the suitcase belonging to another passenger who was leaving the country on September 27 and stole 20,000 TL in cash. 

Police discovered that on October 24, the suspects opened the suitcase belonging to another passenger who was leaving the country and found a jewelry set consisting of an 18 carat gold men's necklace, an 18 carat gold men's necklace, an 18 carat gold women's necklace, a dog tag and an earring, which was kept in a handbag at the front of the suitcase. He stated that they stole 2 18 carat gold bracelets, 1 Diesel brand men's wristwatch and 20 Euros in cash. 

The police officer stated that on November 6, the suspects opened the suitcase belonging to a passenger and smuggled 1 single stone diamond ring, 1 five stone diamond ring, 1 gold Versace chain necklace and Swaroski brand earrings.

The police stated that an investigation was launched upon the complaints and that they determined that the money and belongings were stolen on the dates and hours when the suspects were working.

During the search at the house of the suspect named SA, the police found many tablets, phone headsets, laptops, AirPods, glasses, powerbank devices, electronic cigarette devices in the suitcase at the bottom of the wardrobe in the bedroom, as well as watches and many jewelry in bags in the wardrobe in the bedroom. He stated that it was detected and taken as an indication.

Police stated that the suspect confessed his crime in his statement and said that after the new airport was opened, he and the other 2 suspects took the items from many suitcases from the shooting section and shared them.

The police investigation into the incident continues. 

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