Two teenage thieves throws stolen lambs out of moving vehicle after sighting police

Two people who stole lambs from a sheepfold located in in Akıncılar, north Cyprus on Friday night threw the lambs out of the vehicle when they saw police.

According to report, an undetermined number of lambs and a camera recorder were stolen from a pen belonging to one Yusuf Parıldak, located in Margo Farm in Akıncılar, at around 11.45pm on Friday, June 7.

In the investigation carried out by the police on the matter following a complaint by the owner, two individuals, K.Ö, 19 and AG, 18, who were considered suspects in the matter, were detected and arrested with the vehicle they were driving.

Police said the suspects threw the stolen lambs out of the vehicle while trying to escape, and the lambs could not be found. 

They were taken to court on Saturday on charges of "breaking into a warehouse", "animal theft", "sneaking", "intentional damage" and "violation of property".

Police the number of lambs stolen is yet to be determined.

Police said the suspects loaded them into their vehicle, and then deliberately and illegally broke the lock of the warehouse, which was locked inside the dairy, and entered the warehouse. It was determined that they had stolen the camera recorder stored inside and then exited.

They were caught, as a result of the pursuit carried out by the owner of the dairy, the owner's son KP, and a police team formed from Demirhan Police Station.

Police said the suspects gave verbal statements, that these statements will be confirmed and denied, and that the suspects should be detained for 3 days for investigation purposes in the first place, as there are camera footage to be examined. 

A third suspect was arrested on Sunday June 9 and sent to prison for 2 days for the purpose of investigation.

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