Man raids house with a rifle in Gönyeli and stole 500,000 TL

A Turkish Cypriot man who allegedly raided a house in Gonyeli armed with a riffle and stole 500,000 TL has been detained for 3 days.

Police said the suspect, EA allegedly raided the house located in Gönyeli, with a rifle at around 5;30am on Saturday July 6 and stole 500,000 TL from the house.

The suspect, EA was arrested on Saturday July 6 and brought to court on charges of "entering a house at night", "illegal carrying and possession of firearms", "illegal carrying and possession of explosives", "stealing from a residence", "deliberate damage", and "threat of violence".

Police told the court that there was a complaint against the suspect on the allegation that on July 6, 2024, the suspect entered the courtyard of the residence belonging to one İ.K. in Gönyeli without permission with his father's double-barreled shotgun that he had illegally possessed. 

He kicked and broke the locked wooden door, entered inside, broke the door glass and mirror in the living room with the butt of the rifle, fired a single shot at the wall next to it, made a hole in it with a diameter of 4 cm, and then stole a total of 500,000 TL in cash consisting of 200 TL in a white nylon bag in the drawer of the three-drawer wooden cabinet in the room used as a place of worship in the residence and exited from the same place.

The suspect was detected in Gönyeli on July 8, 2024 and arrested in accordance with a pending warrant, and that his shotgun was also found and taken as evidence. 

Police stated that as a result of a detailed search of the house, a shotgun cartridge cap and some shotgun cartridge pellets were found and taken as evidence. 

Police stated that there were sought-after signs, statements to be taken, and camera footage to be examined, and requested that the suspect be detained for 3 days.

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